Your next mayor of Marlborough

Born in Worcester in 1985, I lived in Hudson until 1996 when my family relocated to northern NH where I graduated high school in 2003. Through a combination of working through school and hefty student loans I graduated with a BA in Economics from U-mass Boston in 2010, and a MS Finance from Bentley in 2012.

I have been fortunate to spend my formative years in rural NH, my young adult years in greater Boston, and to now live in a suburban environment. I have also had the great fortune to be able to travel. The people I have met, as well as the experiences I have, in those disparate regions have shaped who I am and how I think about the salient issues of our time. 

I moved from NH to Somerville in 2007. My wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to buy our first home in Malden in 2009. In 2013 we began to look for a long term residence, and that is what brought us to Marlborough in November of that year. 

I have had a diverse working life, beginning at 14 as a bus boy, moving to life guarding or ski instructing depending on the season, later working on the Cog on Mt. Washington. After moving back to MA I worked as a tutor as an undergrad, was a financial advisor while in grad school, and am now a proud entrepreneur.

It is the role of a legislator to write the law, oversee its implementation, and enforcement. The arguments that are considered in the writing of said laws are often financial or the economic effects of the legislation. I feel as though my degrees in both economics and finance, from U-Mass Boston and Bentley University, will allow me to bring much needed perspective to the Federal legislative process. 

We must rededicate ourselves to our noble experiment, and grow in a manner that benefits all the people and not just those at the top. My agenda is green energy and job creation through industrial hemp, strengthen our electrical grid, replace lead service lines, and repair our educational system such that it prepares us to be global leaders throughout the 21st century.  



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